Turmeric Finger

Vedaliya Industries LLP have known the benefits of turmeric finger and it has maintained its goodness in the packing. The turmeric fingers are handled carefully right from the time they are unearthed till the time they are packed. We are manufacturer and exporter of turmeric fingers with its natural properties and values.

The botanical name of Turmeric is Curcuma Longa L and it belongs to the family Zingiberaceae. Turmeric is bright yellow spice powder made from dried Turmeric Rhizomes. It is commonly known as HALDI. It is believed to be native or India and China. Turmeric is in use in India since thousands of years.

It is widely used in making Indian cuisines. It imparts lovely bright yellow color to food. It is used in making pickles and other varieties. A pinch of powder can be added to salad to give a bit of vibrant look.

Turmeric is known for health benefits since ancient times.

  • It is a natural immune booster.
  • It is natural anti septic.
  • It is rich source of iron.
  • It is an absolute home remedy for cough and cold.


Variety Single Polished / Double Polished / Bulb
Moisture 7% MAX
Curcumin Content Variety From 2% To 5%
Ash 6.5% Max
Ash Insoluable 0.6% Max
Total Strach 50% Max
Chromate Test Negative
Insects/Foreign Matters No
Color Yellow
Origin Nizamabad/Salem/Erode/Alleppey/Kadapa
Packing 25/50 Kg. Net Jute/PP Bag
Loading Capacity 18Ton in 20’FCL & 26Ton in 40’FCL